Kirstin Demer - Owner:  Green Trike Press

Bookbinder,  Papermaker,  Photographer,

Curator,  Designer,  Treasure Hunter,  Collector






about Green Trike Press:

Green Trike Press was created in 2008 upon completion of my MFA from Columbia College Chicago Book and Paper Center. I studied all things Papermaking, Bookbinding and Letterpress.

Green Trike Press began as a shop to showcase my bookbinding and to create original handmade journals. The journals and sketchbooks are created from a wide variety of reclaimed material including leather from vintage briefcases and purses, game boards, volumes of encyclopedia books, vintage photographs and books. 

Every step is created by hand using historical bookbinding techniques - updated for the modern day writer and artist!

The shop now also includes:

 paper artwork ~ photography ~ vintage objects