Green Trike Press was created in 2008 upon completion of my MFA from Columbia College Chicago Book and Paper Center. I studied all things Papermaking, Bookbinding and Letterpress.

I have a deep love of these crafts. I am constantly inspired by the time, the dedication and the history of these beautiful historical processes.

I believe in this day and age of iPhones and iPads and incredible apps - there really is still a place for beautifully made handmade journals - created with love and care - just waiting for someone to pick up a pen or pencil and let their ideas, hopes, fears and memories flow onto the pages (maybe in cursive handwriting...perhaps?) and let their story be told. Sharing their story not for a tweet or a post ~ but simply and quietly for themselves.

I create these journals to capture the special events, journeys and adventures not to be forgotten. I use a variety of historical bindings and often use a variation of stitching to create the journals. Every single step is created by hand. I hand tear down the paper sheets, hand cut every book board, hand sand and paint the book covers, fold and prep pages, hand punch the holes and hand stitch the binding. The time consuming process is evident in the finished journal ~ as each one is truly unique from the next.